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slow cooker poisoning facts

What Science Says About Food Poisoning And The Slow Cooker

We have all heard the battle cry on the Internet of those that are thumping their chest and waving their hands  about food poisoning, especially when it comes to using the humble slow cooker.

Here are a few of their statements on the matter:


Organic Food Is Probably NOT What You Think.

Organic does not mean that pesticides and herbicides are not used. In my reading, I saw no mention of GMOs or requiring heirloom seeds. There were no restrictions as to where the water comes from for the crops or livestock. We have this fantasy when we hear the term, organic, of wheat swaying in the breeze and pastures of cows with flowers behind their ears. 

Not so.


Eco-friendly ways to manage your farm

Just like a natural ecosystem, your planting design should always be looking for balance. Creating biodiversity is one way, but planting many species of plants, which in turn attract many species of animals, can cause its own issues.

In managed systems, occasionally, nature needs a hand to retain balance. By designing your plantings, you can use plants to help protect each other from predators.


This Is The Whey To The Fermentation Station

For thousands of years, people used fermentation as their main means of preservation of their food. Since canning was not invented until the late 1700s and refrigeration invented in the early 1800s, people prior to that relied on the workings of natural microorganisms to change their fresh harvests into storable ones.

Many countries still do!